Meet the Corporate University Facchini

Developed to offer continuous learning and corporative education to employees, the University invests in intellectual capital, in competences management, knowledge management, model management, qualifying its employees to improve their results, which helps the company to develop and retain talents.

UCF - Universidade Corporativa Facchini

The most important property the company has is to believe in the human being’s knowledge.

To offer professional qualifications and check the changes in the habits and behaviors improve the relationship among employees, customers, suppliers and community.

The University, a group of educational projects of the company has its own structure with classrooms, audiences, video rooms, library and an area for reading practice. There are since scholar programs as Telecurso 2000 until specific professional trainings. Available teachers offer Math, metrology and draw reading classes, important requisites for those who manufacture road equipments.

The University is a reference due to its structure and organization which makes the company a model of competitiveness and innovation.

See some educational projects:

Bring your Family

A complemental project having as a purpose the involvement of the employee’s family and Facchini company. On this day there are educational activities and informative lectures with professionals from several areas. Besides involving both families and company, this recreation awakes them showing their importance inside the society.

AI - Learning in the Break

A project realized at lunchtime in the second Wednesday of every month in which the company offers extra knowledge source and distraction, as well as a quick lecture about themes of general interest or just a short movie no more than 15 minutes.

Library/Video Room

The University has a Library/Video Room for the employees, actually with 3.000 titles, actualized and amplified frequently. There are a lot of videos, magazines, comic books, CDs, DVDs to teach and motivate employees to the reading practice and to get new knowledge.

Telecurso 2000

Telecurso 2000 at Facchini is a present and distance-learning proposal that helps the employees and their families complete their studies, they also receive a graduation certificate from MEC (Ministério da Educação).

Reading Area

Located in the cafeterias inside the plants, there is a reserved area for reading where the employees can find books, magazines, daily papers and comic books, which becomes easier the access of the employees who search for news, knowledge and distraction.

Leaders Meeting

Perfeccionar las aptitudes del liderato es el objetivo del Encuentro de Líderes. Envolver, sentir y vivenciar asuntos ligados con la esencia del liderato. Existe en este día el cambio de informaciones e integración entre los líderes, supervisores y gerentes de las unidades.

Cine Cosmorama

Sponsored by Facchini S/A, the project, approved by the Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, at PROAC-ICMS, Cultural Action Program, aims to support and sponsor the renovation, exchange, dissemination and artistic and cultural production in the state.
The fundraising plan for the construction of the theater, in the amount of R$ 378.757,16, was approved by FACCHINI S/A, which is always interested in cultural training, supporting and sponsoring the preservation and expansion of spaces of culture circulation in comunity where it acts.
The iniciative for the project came from the Antialcoholic Association of Cosmorama, which already develops extensive work with the chemically dependent and, thus, will offer all residents the option of leisure and integration through cinema whose room has views of free movies and also at popular prices.
As ICMS taxpayers, the terms and conditions established by the Executive Power, allocates part of the ICMS for cultural projects accredited by the Ministry of Culture. The amount transferred until March 2012 was R$ 247.607,12.

Minor Apprentice

There is a partnership between FACCHINI and SENAI (National Service of Industrial Learning) which has begun in 2005 only for the children of the employees in the company, and nowadays it’s opened to all community. It consists in Industrial Learning in Woodworking or Mechanic using SENAI method, designated for students who are studying or for those who has graduated high school. This project takes 02 years and the students pass through a training in the company to live the job routine and complete their educational graduation, with the possibility to be hired in the end of their course.